Friday, November 11, 2011

Ximena {Bridals}

It is way overdue to released beautiful Mrs. Ximena Guillot's bridals. Take a look!

The light is just perfect! I am in love the swing set idea!

The fabulous umbrella was Ximena's idea! Love when my brides get creative!!

This is just pure beauty! It was hard for me to choose a couple to display here. She literally took my breath away!!

Kristin Grace

Ximena and Curt {Wedding}

This wedding holds a special place in my heart. This is the VERY first wedding I ever shot ALONE. Yes, me! Ahhh scary to think about it now! Ximena's lovely family showed love and affection. I am proud to say I am now friends with each and every one of them. Also the ceremony was held at one of my childhood friend's home. It was like a blast from the past to be back there again! Now to the pictures!

Candy bar and wine, how much MORE awesome can you get?!?!

Best Maid of Honor EVER. Seriously Ximena's wonderful sister was at Ximena's side helping with everything. It was amazing to see such love!

How beautiful is THIS couple???

Best wedding favors EVER!! I mean, come on, who doesn't need flips flops after a long day??

As you can tell EVERYONE had a blast! This couple has some amazing family and friends! And I was blessed to be a part of it!

Kristin Grace

Rachal {Children}

I was so honored to do this shoot. I knew both Courtney and Lacey from high school days. Here we are years (lots of long years) later and we all have two children. It was fun to catch up and let the kids play. Big thanks to Courtney and Lacey for allowing me to photograph your children! I had a blast with you girls also! Can't wait to do it again!

Keep posted over the next few days I will be catching up on ALL my blogs! Thank you all for supporting and following my work!

Kristin Grace

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lemoine {Children}

It was an honor to have Colin Layne back with his cousins for another GREAT shoot!! These are the best looking group of boys around. Take a look for yourself.

As you can tell, I have sort of tossed the whole 365 thing out the window. I am honestly WAY too busy to do it. I will, however, try to keep up my blogging. Pinky promise!!

Kristin Grace

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 99 of Project 365! {Douglas Family Shoot}

I grew up across the street from the Douglas' crew, so when they asked me to take family photos, I jumped on it. We took them at the old Masonic Children's home. It was great to catch up and see some of them, who I haven't seen in years. Beautiful families and beautiful children!

How cute is this bunch, right?!?!?

Kristin Grace

Day 98 of Project 365! {Stephanie and Bob E-Shoot}

Stephanie and Bob are one of the cutest couples I have ever met. I am so thankful to have made a lifelong friend through my business. I was told that Bob wasn't a picture person! He sure fooled us! I don't think he minded one bit that me or my camera were there. Take a look:

Stephanie and Bob love chocolate labs, vintage vehicles, and each other! ;)

Kristin Grace

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 97 of Project 365! {Cenla Gardener}

Cenla Gardener is owned my a friend of mine, Chris Wilder. Chris has made quite a name for himself in Central Louisiana! Everyone is dyeing to get one of his raised beds that grow edible gardens! I had the honor of taking some photos for a garden he made for Kitchen Warehouse, (also in Central Louisiana) and for the children at the St. James Church/School. Working by his side is Courtney Dixon, another high school friend of mine! I love to see our local business' booming. Great job guys!!!

Call Cenla Gardener for all your garden needs!
Love and happiness always,

Kristin Grace

Day 90 - 96 of Project 365! {Sweet Cameron}

I want to say first and foremost to all my loyal readers, that I am terribly sorry for the lapse in posting. I really over did myself last month. I am still recouping and trying to catch up. I am so very blessed to be able to have so much business, but I now know I have to limit myself. Now on to one of my cutest clients!

Ms. Cameron is the daughter of a high school friend of mine. She is super cute and filled with personality, which oozes out of her photos! Take a look:

Love this little girl!!

Kristin Grace


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inspirations through a Life List {Part One}

I was recently inspired through another fellow Christian Photographer's "Life List" and was encouraged to create my own. What a great idea! I also wanted my readers to get a little look inside the personal side of me. I am going to have to break my list up into two parts. The first fifty on my list will be on this one. The last fifty (for a total of one hundred) will be on another post. This is a list of everything I want to accomplish in my life. Life is so short don't forget to LIVE it! Lets begin. These are in no particular order.

1.   Witness to others on a daily basis.
2.   Own a business. (2011)
3.   Own an Ipad 2 or higher.
4.   Photograph a celebrity.
5.   Own a home.
6.   Have my very own Photography Studio.
7.   Narrow down my shoots to Weddings/Engagements/Boudoir/Seniors.
8.   Join Inspiration Through Art and give back to children. (Applied)
9.   Teach a Sunday school class for teens.
10. Visit Rome, Italy.
11. Visit the Holy Land.
12. Have a Boudoir shoot done for myself.
13. Get married to my best friend, on the beach.
14. Actually go on a honeymoon.
15. Live on the beach.
16. Learn and practice yoga, regularly.
17. Get back down to 120lbs and stay that way.
18. Join a dance team again.
19. Take my boys to Disney World.
20. Decorate my whole house the way I truly want it.
21. Visit France.
22. Collect more Antiques.
23. Photograph a live birth.
24. Skydive.
25. Go para sailing.
26. Take an art class.
27. Visit all 50 states.
28. Own a gun and know how to shoot it.
29. Create my own family traditions with my kids.
30. Go to the Super Bowl with the Saints!
31. Sing out loud, for others.
32. Have Jasmine Star shoot my wedding.
33. Go to the Grammys or any award show.
34. Model again.
35. Make sure my kids take part in some sort of music.
36. Not have to take ANY medication, at all. EVER.
37. To be able to have something of Beau's to hand down to my children.
38. Be able to bury some of Beau's ashes somewhere special, so that my children would have somewhere to visit him.
39. Raise suicide/alcohol & drug abuse awareness.
40. Be a teen counselor.
41. Dress in vintage and do a photo shoot.
42. Purchase a Nikon D3 or D300 for that matter.
43. Attend WPPI.
44. Be in NOLA for Mardi Gras.
45. Purchase a 85mm 1.2.
46. Have an entire spa day.
47. Learn to meditate.
48. Get a new logo/brand.
49. Go on another cruise.
50. Go zip lining and rock climbing again.

That is my first fifty. I intend to do everything and eventually be able to cross them all out. Thanks for your love and support!

Love always,

Kristin Grace

Day 85 - 90 of Project 365! {Beach mini-vaca}

This week we went on a mini-vacation to the Beach. The closest beach to us was Lake Charles, so I booked a room and me and the boys jetted off on our newest adventure! The room was amazing, complete with a jacuzzi tub!! Here is the chandelier in the front entrance.


 For those who are interested it was Holiday Inn Express in Lake Charles!! So super pleased with the customer service and everything about this hotel! Now for the beach!



At first it was cloudy and very windy, but that didn't stop us from having a great time!! (Or jumping in the cold water!)


This was the first sand castle that was built!


And this was the second castle on the second day!! We had a great time, minus the sun burns! Always remember lots of sun block for the little ones.


Love and happiness always,

Kristin Grace