Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 30 of Project 365! {Ross and Karen's E-Shoot}

I knew Ross and Karen from high school. I can't tell you how much I LOVE Engagement shoots!!! You can feel the love in the air. Speaking of the air. Mother nature decided to let it not just rain, but pour all of this wonderful day! They were not bothered by it one bit and decided to do the shoot anyway!! They were seriously so sweet I have a toothache. (oh yes, i did just say that!) It only took them six months before they knew it was meant to be. I am so thrilled that they chose me to do their photos! I had a blast and y'all looked rocked it out!!

This should be followed with wedding pics soon! ;)
Love and happiness always,

Kristin Grace

Day 29 of Project 365! {Monica's Family Shoot}

Today I had the privilege of shoots a friend's (from high school) little girls. Morgan and Molly were absolutely adorable!! They loved the princess theme. Morgan was such a great big sister and Molly looks up to Morgan. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Monica was my contest winner from my photography fan page! I hope she enjoyed the shoot as much as I did. I have so many more photos, but I wanted to get my blog up to date so everyone could see a peak of what I have been up to! ;) 

The end!!
Love and happiness always,

Kristin Grace

Day 25-28 of Project 365!

This week was particularly tough for me. Not just blogging wise, but all the way around. My two kids have a birthday party coming up. It will be the first one without their father here. So I am going to try to make it the best party ever. I spent most of the week just being a mom. I enjoyed every giggle, hug, kiss, laugh, and cry. I thank GOD every day for blessing me with these two amazing kids! As the weekend drew near and photo shoot were coming up, I knew I needed inspiration. I was informed by a dear friend of a Jasmine Star video. I watched it in awe! Literally. I stayed up until 2am one morning. The next night was 12am. She is real. She was just like me. She started off the same way I did. She had the same fears I did. She gave me so much inspiration that I cannot even put it into words. One person that I have never even seen in real life has totally changed my life. I think I might be a little obsessed with her right now. But hey, its OK! I'm real, and I'm not afraid to let people know whats going on in my everyday life. One day when I am GREAT and on magazines for being an amazing photographer, I am going to look back and I want to remember my journey. So here are a couple shots of my and Zachary's zoo trip.





Love always,
Kristin Grace

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 23 of Project 365! {Dacia's Family Shoot}

On day 23 of Project 365, I had an amazing shoot with a beautiful family!! I have tons of pictures!! It was hard to decide on just a few!











The end.
Love always,

Kristin Grace

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24 of Project 365! {I heart Faces - Innocent Wonder}

Todays photo contest over at I Heart Faces is called "Innocent Wonder." I couldn't think of a more perfect picture!!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22 of Project 365!

Day 22 Jaden had his last and final race with Rapides Junior Runners for the 2010-2011 year! It was a fun day all together! It was a little chilly, but after running in the sun, it got warmer!








He ended up winning 8th place out of hundreds! We are so proud of him. Meanwhile, Zachary rolled in the dirt thus the dirty jacket. Over all GREAT day!! I LOVE my boys!!
Love always,

Kristin Grace

Day 16 - 21 of Project 365!

I do understand that I am slacking tremendously in the blogging department. Not to mention the Project 365. I promise to try harder. Lets try to recap the past 6 days!
Day 16 I had a shoot that was cancelled from rain. It was so icky outside that I got NO pics outside, but I did finish editing my Boudoir shoot which was AH-MAZING! And I made the kids birthday invitations!! Here is the front:


The inside (yes that is a Fleur De Lis punch out):


Day 17 was MLK day! We went to the park and played for a bit. I was so excited to find the brightest GREEN grass for future shoots!


Day 18 we went to the park again!



Day 19 we took a walk around the neighbor-hood. Besides work, we are not too exciting. Hehe!



Day 20 we had the cutest dog follow us home from out walk!! She automatically decided she belonged in our home. It was TOO cute!!


Day 21, with the help from the animal shelter and friends we found this pup's mother. She was such a kind lady! We hated to see her go but glad she had a GREAT home to go to.


Love that little "head-tilt" he does! Well that's it!
Love always,

Kristin Grace