Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 57 of Project 365! {Lindsey Senior Portriats}

OK, this was my first Senior session!! And, can I say she TOTALLY rocked it!! Thank for Lindsey for being so fabulous!! Her sister came only on the shoot and we had the best time. Total strangers were taking pictures of us. I think they thought Lindsey was famous! Too much fun!! Here are a couple of my favs for the day:

Ahhh how I wish I was still a senior in high school! And it was also Lindsey's Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Linds!!
Love always,

Kristin Grace

Day 56 of Project 365! {Atlantis Mardi Gras Ball 2011}

I was on a race to get ready today for the big ball! Mardi Gras Ball that is! I got spray tanned, haircut, and found some amazing shoes all in ONE day! Since I didn't take any pictures at the ball I wanted to post my FAB shoes and the photo that was taken by the booth at the ball. We had a great time and I must say we were lookin' pretty smokin'.



Please ignore the ugly brown background. It was my kitchen table. The shoes are rockin aren't they??

Love and happiness always,

Kristin Grace

Day 54 and 55 of Project 365! {First Commercial Shoot}

This was my very first commercial shoot! It happens to be my old employer/boss/friend Kenny Daniels. Kenneth G. Daniels, LLC is the best real estate attorney in central Louisiana. I know from 6 years experience. He also handles successions, forming corporations, llc's and all of your business needs. He helped me for my business and is my right hand man for all legal matters! Please meet Kenneth G. Daniels, LLC and staff:

Love always!

Kristin Grace

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 53 of Project 365! {Home Studio}

Today I recieved my handmade scrabble tile pendant from Home Studio! I absolutely LOVE it! They have SO many pendants to choose from. It was hard for me to decide, but I went with the photography lovers in blue. I could have seven for everyday of the week! ;) Here is a look:




You can find Home Studio on Facebook at

Kristin Grace


Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 52 of Project 365!

Today I took Zachary to the Zoo (yes again). It keeps him busy and it cost next to nothing. We actually got to see the otters this time.



Love and happiness always,
Kristin Grace

Day 51 of Project 365!

Today my kids each brought me a flower after they came home from playing outside with their friends. :) Yay for spring and then summer. I can hardly contain myself!


Here are my lovely flowers in my coca-cola bottle. Yes, I do indeed collect glass jars and bottles. They make great props! ;)
Love always,

Kristin Grace

Day 47-50 of Project 365! {Lexi is born!}

I am now an aunt for the VERY first time! Here are a few pictures of the day. I think "birth photography" is amazing!! I can't wait for the day when I can photograph the whole birth all the way through. Of course, I wouldn't be invasive or take any "yucky" photos. I would have loved to remember my kids birth, especially now that their father has passed. I hope my sis and brother in law will enjoy these photos for years to come.
















Love and happiness always,
Kristin Grace

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 45-46 of Project 365! {Valentine}

Being that we had just spent a small fortune on the kid's birthday party this year (and the fact that I need money to keep my business rolling in general), we decided NO gifts for Valentines Day. My sister was due any moment, so for all I knew I could be in another city on Valentines Day. However, a smart man knows, even when a woman says "no present," she will be completely FINE if you do show up with one anyway. ;)




OK, so the pictures are technically not the best, THUS the black and white. Our kitchen has horrible lighting and it was dark outside, so this will do! There is a story behind the tree. We bought another one similar in the first couple months we started dating on a trip to Arkansas. It has three stems and is supposed to bring you happiness. Well, now we have two trees! Hopefully meaning double the happiness! 
What girl doesn't love roses? ;) And, he knows I'm no big chocolate eater, but he picked out this heart because he thought I could use it as a prop! hehe ;) So sweet! Then me and the kids opened up this delicious box of chocolate goodness!! AH-MAZING!!! Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Raspberry!! YUMMY!!! This was NO ordinary chocolate! So, thank you to my baby love for another great Valentines Day! I love you!

Kristin Grace

Day 44 of Project 365! {Zachary's Birthday}

Today, the day before Valentines Day is Zachary's fourth birthday. It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital with Beau starring at our beautiful, new creation. Since we had already had a birthday party for both boys, we took Zachary to the park today to let him play a little. My boys never cease to amaze me. My hearts melts just watching them. I laid on the other side of a hill and watched them play and tried to capture a few shots. Meanwhile I let the sun soak in my skin. Yes, you are allowed to be jealous of our 70 degree (in February) weather. =)







Just feeling plain ol' blessed today!
Love and happiness always,
Kristin Grace


Day 42-47 of Project 365! {Brynn's Shoot}

On this particular day, I got to do a photo shoot for one of my closest friends. Her daughter is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. I have the pictures to prove it! However, she was more concerned with "exploring" the woods than having her picture taken. We had a blast!

There are tons more. Thanks Brynn for being so beautiful and sweet!
Love always,

Kristin Grace